Solar Beacon Appointments
1. Enter your height above the ground where you are:

This is not your height above sea-level, but your height above the ground (or water), useful when you are in a tall building.
You can enter your height in feet, meters or in stories above the ground. You cannot be underground or more than 300m above the ground.

2. Enter Date and Time of show:

A time and data selector will appear when you go to enter the time and date.
Time will be rounded down to the nearest 5 minute slot. The earliest time you can select is ten minutes from now.

3. Enter Type of Show:

4. Please leave us your email address

We will never divulge your email address to anyone else

5. Enter location on the map below

Move the map to exactly where you want the show to be under the crosshairs, then press the Schedule Show button.
The map moves, the crosshairs stay fixed in the center. Red areas are out of bounds.

Latitude: ; Longitude: